Therapeutic Massage Services

Every session is unique to you.  I integrate different modalities and resources including hot and cold therapy, essential oil therapy, and comfort care to support your well-being without additional add-on fees.

  • Swedish Massage is a system of using soothing, gliding and rhythmic strokes to effect soft tissue.
  • Deep Tissue calls for working deeply to effect the connective tissue surrounding muscles, tendons and ligaments, freeing adhesions and restoring tissues, always working within your pain threshold.
  • Neuro-musclar Therapy addresses contractions called trigger points.
  • Sports Massage combines techniques to maximize physical performance.
  • Polarity Therapy balances energetic pathways to the body creating greater awareness and restoring energy flow.

Aromatherapy Consultations and Custom Blending

Clients use consultations for a number of different reasons.

  • To support their current health with natural remedies
  • To address a current physical or emotional concern with essential oil therapy

I will create custom blends and products to support your health based on your medical history and current concerns.  Our consultation will take about an hour and half.  During this time, I will gather pertinent health information and listen to your concerns and/or desires for natural remedies to support your health.  You will sample a number of different aromas so I can create a blend(s) that are both appealing to you and therapeutically active.  You will receive clear instructions about how to use your aromatherapy products and what to expect.


Thirty Minute Massage$40
Forty-Five Minute Massage$50
Sixty Minute Massage$60
Bellania Facelift Massage$60
Facelift Massage plus Body Massage$85
Aromatherapy Consultation (with blend)$60

Some insurances accepted.  Please inquire.
Visa, Discover, MC accepted

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